My wife LOVED the painting of Tuxedo so much that she moved a picture of me off a chest, and replaced it with Tux.
Thanks so much.

I love it! I love it! I love it! Did I mention that I love it?

I am sooo amazed!!!!you are awesome!!!!!!Sooooooo good and exact. Unbelievable!!!!! You are brilliant...that is all I can say...I cannot wait til christmas til everyone receives these pictures.

I am still in shock! Your portrait of Emma is SUPERB! You captured her perfectly!

Thanks for doing such a special tribute (painting) for my special girl! Everyone loves it! -S.C.

I wanted to let you know that the paintings arrived in perfect condition.  I LOVE all three and know Rusty's portrait will be cherised by my daughter.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful keepsake that truly captures his little spirit.   Thank you again for everything!

Oh my gosh, Lee- they are AMAZING. I adore them, they look so incredible!!!! You are quite talented- they really look amazing.  Kate DOES have a delicate little face and you captured it PERFECTLY, Lee!!  Really, thank you.  -Tara

Flawless!!!! I absolutely love it, captures Aza perfectly! Can't wait to get it.
Thank you soooooo  much!

I just received the last two portraits.... Oh my God!! they keep on getting better!  These last two are my favorites!  I love all the other ones, but these two!!! wow!!!  Thank you so much!  I cried when I saw Roxie's and Panchito's portrait, I think you should put that one in your website, it is amazingly beautiful!  Big huge Hug - L.R.

I LOVE IT!!! It is beyond perfect!! I couldn't ask for a better interpretation!! Thank you so much!!! I knew you would do an amazing job!!! -C.S..

My sister had you paint a portrait of our beloved Bubby. I was very touched by her kindness towards us but also touched by the passion you put into his portrait. You somehow captured his sweet spirit in his portrait and I am grateful to you for using the talent you have to bring so much joy to others. -Jerry and Donna

I got the paintings on Sunday. They are beyond belief fabulous in every way. You captured the heart and soul of both dogs. I am speechless at the vibrancy and beauty of them. I can't thank you enough for doing this in time for Xmas. I can barely wait to give them to them. Soon I will ask you to do another? Truly magical!!!

Lee, I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!  It is so perfect--I can't get over how perfectly you captured her!  My friends are going to flip when I give it to them!!!  I can't thank you enough--you have such INCREDIBLE TALENT!!!!!!!! It has my 1000% approval! -k.s.

Thanks so much Lee! It is an outstanding rendition of my Chow "Maddy". You are truly gifted with talent! A+

Dear Lee, Bow tie barks every time he looks at their portraits.
There is not better critic than that!!!
You passed the test!! EXCELLENT.

i'm overwhelmed.  you have done such a great job.  of course the weeping was a little extreme but i guess that's to be expected. i can't thank you enough.  you'll hear from me pretty regularly...i have a few more pieces in mind. -lwn